Facebook started planning to cancel the number of likes

It was recently announced that Facebook was planning to cancel the number of likes from Pages and profiles. This move is being made in order to combat “misuse” of the like button, as well as to encourage people to interact more with posts.

While this change may seem like a big setback for businesses who rely on the number of likes their pages have, there are some ways to mitigate the damage. For example, you could start promoting your posts in other ways such as through paid ads or viral content sharing. Additionally, you could consider reaching out to fans and followers directly to see if they would be interested in liking your page or following you on social media.

What is Facebook’s New Plan?

After years of doubling down on its popularity and growth, Facebook has announced that it plans to cancel the number of likes on posts. The reasoning behind this change is that it wants to focus more on providing a meaningful experience for users.

This decision comes as a bit of a shock to many users who have grown used to seeing their posts with large numbers of likes. However, Facebook believes that this change will create a better overall social media experience for its users.

Users who post frequently on Facebook may want to consider switching to other platforms such as Twitter or Instagram if they want to keep track of their followers and see how well their posts are doing. This change may also lead to increased engagement rates for businesses and brands as users will be more likely to share content that is meaningful to them.

What Affects the Likes on Facebook Posts?

Facebook started planning to cancel the number of likes on posts. This change will happen in 2019. Reasons for this decision include that the number of likes does not accurately reflect how people are interacting with posts, and it is also becoming less important as a metric. The change will only affect public posts – not private messages or comments.

What Happens If You Stop Liking Posts?

Facebook started planning to cancel the number of likes. This means that posts may not appear as frequently in your News Feed, and you may not see as many interactions with posts from friends. If you stop liking posts, you’ll still be able to see all your friends’ posts and reactions, but you won’t receive as many updates from Facebook.


Facebook started planning to cancel the number of likes. After all, it is not cost effective for Facebook to keep on giving Likes to pages that are not engaging with its users. This change will come into effect from next month onwards and will be implemented gradually so that page administrators have enough time to adjust their strategies.

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