Apple has to change the charging cables used in iPhones.

Apple has been using the same type of charging cable for iPhones and other Apple products for years now. This cables have been known to cause fires, and even electrocute people. Apple has finally admitted that these cables are dangerous, and they’ve announced that starting from 2020, all new iPhones will use a new type of charging cable that is safer.

Apple has to change the charging cables used in iPhones

Apple has to change the charging cables used in iPhones because they are not safe. The current charging cables use a small magnet to keep the cable closed, which can be dangerous if it comes into contact with a metal object such as a power line. If the cable came into contact with a metal object, it could cause a short circuit, leading to an electrical shock.

The problem with the charging cables

Apple has to change the charging cables used in iPhones. Cables that come with the phone can fray and break after a few months of use, which can lead to difficulty charging the device. Additionally, the included cables are proprietary, meaning that other manufacturers’ chargers won’t work with an iPhone.

Apple should switch to industry-standard USB-C charging cables in order to make it easier for users to charge their devices and use compatible chargers. This would also allow other manufacturers to create compatible chargers for their products, increasing competition and making it more likely that users will be able to find a cable they like and use with their devices.

Why Apple has to change the charging cables

Apple’s charging cable is one of the company’s most-used and most-loved products. But with the release of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, iPhone users have been voicing their displeasure over the cables’ design.

The cables are proprietary to Apple, meaning that they can only be used with iPhones and cannot be used with any other devices. This has led to frustration for many people who own other electronic devices, as they are unable to use the same charging cables with their iPhones.

The issue first came to light after a number of users noticed that their devices were not charging as quickly as they were used to. The issue was apparently caused by the new cables, which are made from a different material than previous versions.

Users have also complained about the design of the cables, which is said to be unnecessarily bulky and difficult to use. Some have even gone so far as to say that they have had difficulty removing them from the device once it has been plugged in.

Apple has been criticised for failing to take user feedback into account when designing the new chargers, and it now seems that the company may be forced to make changes.


Apple has to change the charging cables used in iPhones. The current cables are not durable and can break easily. They also produce a lot of heat, which can damage your iPhone if you’re not careful.

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